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SPG’s modular SCIF/SAPF platform is shipped worldwide and fully integrated by teams comprised of skilled trades operatives, who can execute in virtually any environment. Modular SCIFs are custom manufactured in a secure facility compound with every material and component thoroughly inspected prior to installation. They range in size from 100 square feet to multi-plex facilities that are thousands of square feet. Unlike cheap imitations refurbished from “Conex” containers that don’t meet ICD 705 requirements, these vaults are ¼” steel and are comprised of raw materials, assembled and welded from the careful designs of onsite engineering staff.  Additionally, these units are rugged and designed to withstand a multi-year, multi-use environment with ease.  They come “plug and play” ready, fully outfitted with workstation drops, climate control, power distribution and customized operational and security features.  From deserts and jungles to compounds and military bases, these units are highly relocatable, serviceable, and accommodating to nearly any kind of internal or external environment, including being scalable to meet Certified Shielded Enclosure (CSE) and COMSEC Vault requirements.

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SPG is partnered with ARMAG as their exclusive distributor of the                    “A.R.C. Vault” product line.

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