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ICD 705 Some Design and Construction Points

Updated: Jun 11

With the foundation stones in place, the next critical piece is ensuring expertise with ICD 705 in both the Design and Construction process. Keep in mind that ICD 705 specifically calls out a requirement for having an SSM (Site Security Manager) on your project and this person should have the expertise to ensure there are no issues with ICD 705 policy compliance. This consists of everything from critical design reviews, to thorough comprehension of construction methodologies for achieving policy performance results, or an understanding of best practices (such as photo documentation) that are guaranteed to meet with AO approval. A good SSM is also looking at more than just policy compliance, they are also looking out for the client interests in the Design Phase that asks questions like, “What about future audio-visual requirements (AV), cooling/power requirements, or program expansion?” In cases where this expertise is lacking, there is no end to the horror stories out there of longer-term issues associated with the space, or major cost and schedule overruns. It might cost a little more than “lowest price technically acceptable,” but integrating true expertise into your project creates “best value” and usually pays for itself by the time the work reaches a conclusion and will save you from the potential for a major retrofit.

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Finally, a good ICD 705 consultant, builder or SSM will be looking at your project holistically…This includes incorporating requirements for ICD 503 compliance following your physical security inspection, considering requirements the client will have following physical accreditation (Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency Action Plan, Inspection Schedule, etc.) and sewing up any loose ends, such as paperwork submittals to the AO and warranties on equipment.

SPG can provide “turnkey” expertise for your secure facility project and help you to navigate the gray areas of policy interpretation.  SPG consultants are often the same people that were involved in helping to write the policy in the first place, or are minimally people with decades of experience working in or on SCIF or SAPF environments.

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