Secure Facility Construction and Consulting

No matter how large or small your secure facility challenge may be, SPG Inc. brings unparalleled subject matter expertise to ensure your project is “on time and on budget.”  We “live and breathe” by our schedule and our expertise means a dramatic reduction in change orders compared to other regular construction companies attempting this work.  SPG has a philosophy of being highly focused on details in the design phase, ensuring a seamless process of implementation in construction and a reputation for standing by our work.  So much so, that we issue a “Guarantee of Accreditation” with every project we control from start to finish.  In addition, SPG’s staff is comprised of individuals with “deep expertise” who understand more than just construction…They also understand critical integration of appropriate materials to form wall systems, methodologies for achieving testing performance and acceptable mitigations for policy compliance.   SPG understands this better than a typical construction company because our staff is comprised of those who have fulfilled former roles of Accrediting Official (AO), Site Security Manager (SSM), Government Policy Representative, Construction Management and a myriad number of commercial and government Security Officer positions. No one has a better understanding of ICD 705 interpretation and implementation than SPG.

What does this mean for you?  It means your risk on a unique project that requires substantive expertise just plummeted from “grave concern on project completion and accreditation” to “minimal concern” for costs and timelines associated with your project.  It means your facility will be built correctly the first time and every time as a standard of excellence unmatched in this niche industry. Whether it’s Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, Design Review, Paperwork Assistance (CSP, FFC, TEMPEST Checklist) or Embedded Expert Consultant (or Contract SSM), SPG has the resources to manage your project or get it back on track. SPG’s subject matter specialists have the skills required to ensure drawings/designs, construction and manufacturer implementation methodologies and accreditation requirements meet the specific guidelines of USG policy requirements.

SPG can operate in secure and non-secure facilities and understands how to minimize impact to the client workspace.  In fact, SPG is accustomed to working in difficult spaces and environments and thrives on challenging projects previously rejected as “too difficult” by others. SPG primarily only utilizes US Citizens to perform the work, or U.S. Persons when approved by the USG. SPG is also accustomed to being responsive to short notice and “mission essential” projects. SPG approaches every effort with the goal of being a partner of choice, building and fostering relationships (true long-term partnerships with our clients) to be the best in the business. SPG’s philosophy is that the client be thoroughly satisfied in every manner at project completion and to recommend SPG to others as their “best possible value.”


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