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Training, Testing and Third Party Validation


SPG routinely provides large scale (50-200 people) technical policy and implementation lectures to Design Firms and Industry leaders, which can run 1-5 days in length.  SPG also has developed separate ICD 705 courses: A scaled down 3-day course designed for participants well versed and fairly knowledgeable in SCIFs/SAPFs; a full length 4.5 day course for those in need of a comprehensive ICD 705 policy instruction; and an advanced ICD 705 course which is a “deep dive” into technical compliance with practical SCIF/SAPF construction.  Custom tailored courses on more specific portions of ICD 705, such as TEMPEST construction methodologies and areas such as EMP/HEMP, are available but crafted for a specific audience.


SPG understands that true TEMPEST and Acoustic effectiveness begins with a baseline approach and critical evaluation in the Design Review process.


SPG provides consulting, testing or other services as an objective Third-Party Commissioning Agent for General Contractor Agent Compliance, forensic investigation for non-performing spaces, or legal support.

Training, Testing an Validation
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